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Foot pain is a problem that affects all of us at one time . In some cases, medical conditions play a significant role in foot pain. In other cases, it can be as simple as having worn a shoe that is the wrong size, of unsuitable shape, with insufficient cushion, or with inappropriate support. The wrong shoe can lead to ankle, shin, knee, hip, back pain, and even cause chronic injury.

At Metro Run & Walk, we believe that no matter how much you're on your feet, you should enjoy total comfort and stay healthy Our entire team knows how to treat your feet so you can enjoy all the activities life has to offer.

Wellness Services & Products Provided by the Team at Metro Run & Walk

  • Comprehensive Foot & Gait Evaluation
  • Worn Shoe Analysis
  • Shoe Fitting from our Great Selection of Running & Walking shoes
  • Off-the-Shelf Shoe Inserts & Foot Aids
  • Compression Socks & Calf Sleeves
  • Extra Depth & Extra Width Shoes
  • Diabetic Shoes & Socks
  • All off-the-shelf items are custom fit to ensure optimal function and comfort

Gait Assesment and Shoe Fitting

Pedorthic Services

Wellness Education

There are times when a specialist may be required. In those cases, we are pleased to offer the services of our on-staff Board Certified Pedorthist...
The Gait Assessment process involves more than just "watching you walk or run." It is a multi-step process to ensure that you purchase the shoe that:
  • Conforms to your foot shape
  • Matches the characteristics of your gait
  • Provides appropriate cushioning
  • Is the correct length and width
  • Is the most comfortable

We start by evaluating your current worn shoe. Examining the insole and outer sole of your current shoe tells us a lot about your gait. We can usually see impressions in the insole that inform us about your foot distribution within the shoe. Is there more wear on the interior side (medial) or outside (lateral) side? Is there significant wear in the arch area? What does the heel imprint look like?
  • Footwear & Balance
  • Proper Footwear, Socks
  • Running & Walking Form
  • Stretching & Strengthening
  • Nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • The Aging Foot

Prescription Services

  • Filling physicians prescriptions for footwear and related products
  • Sending follow-up correspondence to the physician on what shoes and related products were provided to the patient
  • Working closely with the physician to develop an ongoing treatment plan, if necessary
  • Modifications to Off-the Shelf Inserts
  • Plaster slipper casting
  • Custom Foot Orthotics (future)
  • Post-Orthotic Testing (future)

What to Expect?..

  • Superior customer service
  • Experienced, knowledgeable staff
  • Respect for all abilities
  • Education on how the shoes and related products will function, how they are to be used, and what to expect as you use them
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