Metro Run & Walk is the place to go for running, walking, and active lifestyle shoes, apparel, sports bras, socks, sports nutrition, and accessories for all things running and walking.  Whether you are a competitive runner, a casual jogger, a speed walker, or a dog walker, let us help you find the right running or walking equipment to help you stay in shape.

Have a injury or pain?  Let our very experienced staff help you find just the right shoe insert, arch support, compression sleeve or brace to get you back on your feet.  If you’ve broken it, strained it, torn it, twisted it, or jammed it while exercising, chances are we have too.  In the decades our staff have spent running and walking, we’ve gained limitless experience and extensive training on treating fitness injuries.

​Shoes, apparel and accessories for runners, walkers, people with an active lifestyle and
those on the quest for daily comfort.

Current Specials & Featured Events

Diabetic Footwear Fitting

January Special

Do you have diabetes and Medicare Part B?  We are now fitting Diabetic Footwear covered by Medicare Part B.  Make an appointment now.  [read more]

Spend $150 and choose from a Metro Run & Walk embroidered ladies puffer vest OR a Metro Run & Walk embroidered blanket.

Click the image above to read about our Exact Item Price Match policy on footwear and see the list of shoes eligible for price matching.​​​​

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We are conveniently located in Springfield Plaza one minute off I-95 and I-495 with plenty of parking.

7261 Commerce Street
Springfield, VA 22150

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We offer free delivery within 5 miles and free shipping within the US and military APO.
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